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Hurdles of the pandemic

September 9th 2020|

Vera Labitzky, UKE, Hamburg The second year of my first PostDoc position has just started, the practical experiments in various projects are in full swing, the project student registered [...]

Clinical Scientists: Combining excellent science with clinical work

August 26th 2020|

Clinical Scientists bring urgent clinical questions to the laboratory. They play a key role in transferring the knowledge gained from basic research to health care and are essential for innovations at the bedside. Microbone supports people who implement scientific progress and translational implications quickly and in the best interests of the patients.

BeWISE – Webseminar

July 9th 2020|

Today’s inspiring webseminar gave us – especially female scientists - the opportunity to meet the speakers of the 2021 conference in advance. We have been equipped with short practical [...]

Women in science

July 8th 2020|

Hannah Manz, University of Würzburg Die Biologie ist eine sehr komplexe Wissenschaft. Fürs Studium habe ich mich entschieden, weil dieses Fach als "Wissenschaft der Lebewesen" jeden einzelnen von uns [...]

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