Carl-Gustav-Carus Förderpreis for Dr. Ielizaveta Gorodetska

2021-12-01T08:17:59+00:00December 1st 2021|

Sylvia Thiele, Uniklinikum Dresden

Dr. Ielizaveta Gorodetska, who is affiliated with the OncoRay at TU Dresden was honored with the “Carl-Gustav-Carus Förderpreis” of the Stiftung Hochschulmedizin. The prize was awarded for her dissertation on „The interplay between BRCA and ALDH proteins in the regulation of prostate cancer radioresistance and stem cell properties“, which was conducted within our DFG-funded Priority Program #µBone.  Congratulations!

Ielizaveta’s studies focus on the functional characterization of prostate cancer radiation-resistant cells, which can initiate bone metastasis. She demonstrated that ALDH1 family proteins play an essential role in resistance to irradiation, stemness, and migration. The dissertation was supervised by Prof. Anna Dubrovska and rated summa cum laude.

[Foto: Anna Dubrovska]

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