Congratulations to Giulia Furesi for defending her Ph.D. thesis with summa cum laude!

2021-07-23T11:29:42+00:00July 23rd 2021|

Sylvia Thiele, Uniklinikum Dresden

For her doctoral studies in the osteooncology field, Giulia focused on the role of extracellular vesicles in bone-prostate cancer cell crosstalk. Her research emphasizes the importance of tumor-derived extracellular vesicles in intercellular communication and underlines their impact on altering the physiological behavior of distant target cells, specifically osteoblasts. Moreover, Giulia’s results suggest that uptake of PCa-derived exosomal miRNAs by osteoblasts might contribute to the formation of metastatic bone lesions. This project would have not been possible without the successful collaboration within the µBONE consortium.

As her next career step, Giulia will join the lab of Professor Roberta Faccio, Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, USA, as a postdoc in September 2021. We are so proud of her and wish her all the best for her future scientific Career!

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