Improving prostate cancer diagnosis – the first german textbook on diagnosis of prostate needle biopsies was published by two µBone researchers

2021-02-19T07:05:08+00:00February 19th 2021|

Verena-Wilbeth Sailer, Universitätsklinikum Schleswig-Holstein, Campus Lübeck

As part of the µbone consortium, we, Sven Perner (TP20) and Verena Sailer (TP22), organized 2019 the first boot camp workshop in Lübeck to teach scientists in the µbone project important histologic features of prostate cancer and breast cancer. This enabled them to understand the morphologic appearance of the respective disease they are studying and improves correlation of molecular data with cancer cell phenotype. The prostate cancer part of the histology workshop was based on a seminar we had given for practicing pathologists the year before at the German division of the International Academy for Pathology in Bonn. Given the success of said seminar and the work that has already been put into writing a hands-on script we sought out collaboration with the Springer publishing company to edit a textbook for practicing pathologists. In January 2021 this textbook, which features numerous renowned pathologists, but also urologists and radiologists working in prostate cancer research has been released. It is titled “Histopathologic Diagnosis of prostate needle biopsies” and is the first German textbook to look exclusively at prostate needle biopsies. We are very proud of this great achievement, which again demonstrates how valuable and indispensable scientific collaboration is to advance our knowledge in cancer research and diagnosis.

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