Exploring multiple labs through rotations

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by Frank Chao-Yuan Chang, TU Dresden, Institute of Physiological Chemistry – MTZ

“I want to develop treatments that can improve peoples’ lives”, this is the dream I have had since I was a child. Since cancer has always been a leading cause of death worldwide, I decided to pursue my Ph.D. research in the cancer biology field.

Under the support of the µbone community, I have the chance to work with cross-disciplinary experts focusing on the same goal—curing cancer. I seized the opportunity to go to Prof. Klaus Pantel’s and Prof. Harriet Wikman’s lab where they are the pioneers in circulating tumor cell (CTC) and cancer micrometastasis research. Despite it was a short visit of 3 days only, I gained sufficient insight into how translational medicine professionals bridge the gap between bench and bedside. Experiencing such a diversity of questions and methods broadened my knowledge about cancer research, gave me more tools with which to approach future questions. After receiving feedbacks experimentally as well as conceptually, I am confident that these will make meaningful contributions to my Ph.D. project, and create positive impacts with my future scientific career.

Lab Rotations are a flexible, low-pressure opportunity for PhD students to learn new things in science and about themself as a scientist. The path to success in research starts with you, your curiosity, and taking the initiative to find the spaces where you can maximize your own growth as well as your intellectual impact on the scientific community. Step out of your comfort zone and gain new experience!

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