Meet your neighbours!

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“Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success.” Henry Ford

Cooperative research and mutual interaction are one of the main goals of the µbone consortium. Hence, several PhD students took the chance to get a deeper insight in neighbouring research institutions.

How can we stop the formation of bone metastases?, asked Denis Corbeil during the walk through the BIOTEC. Christine Hofbauer presented us how patients benefit from personalized cancer treatment at the National Center for Tumor Diseases Dresden (NCT/UCC). This is only possible due to the close collaboration of specialised physicians of all medical disciplines. Martin Bornhäuser emphasized the importance of translational medicine. Combining research and medical care as close as possible brings innovations quickly to the patients. On the other hand it gives important impulses to the researchers. Finally, we got a very interesting insight into the “Universitäts Protonen Therapie” as one of only five centres in Germany. Mechthild Krause, Anna Dubrovska, Claudia Peitzsch and Elke Beyreuther furthermore explained interesting aspects of radiation research at OncoRay.

All institutions visited this afternoon aim for one goal: bringing high technology to the patient and improve patient outcome!

Thanks to all researchers for sharing their experience and giving us a glimpse in their impressive work!

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