Dive into the ultimate lab adventure at the Universitätsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf with µBone Consortium

2023-09-01T06:48:56+00:00September 1st 2023|

by Dr. Ielizaveta Gorodetska, PostDoc, Oncoray, Dubrovska lab (P6)

In June 2023, I was fortunate to have a lab rotation at the Universitätsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf, The Center for Experimental Medicine, in the Institute of Tumor Biology led by Prof. Klaus Pantel. During my lab rotation, I had an opportunity to meet and work in the laboratory together with Dr. Stefan Werner and a PhD student Lina Merkens. I gained hands-on expertise in utilizing of Qiagen AdnaTest® technology to detect and analyze circulating tumor cells (CTCs) in blood samples. The AdnaTest is a revolutionary liquid biopsy technology that has the potential to transform the research in the early cancer detection. The process of CTC enrichment, which I was fortunate to participate in, involves isolating these rare cells from the bloodstream to analyze their molecular characteristics. My time at Hamburg UKE was filled with hands-on experience, working alongside passionate researchers who are dedicated to advancing cancer diagnostics and treatment. Beyond the laboratory work, the collaborative and supportive environment fostered personal and professional growth and promoted collaboration between our laboratories. Overall, the experience was both enlightening and fulfilling. I am grateful to the µBone Consortium for this invaluable experience, which has further fuelled my passion for contributing to the field of oncology research.

from left to right: Dr. Ielizaveta Gorodetska (PostDoc, Oncoray, Dubrovska lab), Lina Merkens (PhD student, UKE Hamburg, Klaus-Werner lab), Andrea Petzold (TA, Oncoray, Krause lab)

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