Career support & equal opportunity

Integration of female researchers into the network as well as providing a family-friendly atmosphere in our µBone consortium are key principles within our priority program. Mentoring women in science and enforcing gender equality measures has been successfully implemented in the first funding period. Thus, µBone offers several possibilities for career development and equal opportunity to support the careers of our young researchers in the second funding period as well.

Support of young investigations (career development)

Advisory committees

all PhD students (and Postdocs) in the µBone consortium will have a cross-site and interdisciplinary thesis advisory committee (TAC) with at least three advisors (PI and 2 additional advisors) to ensure high quality of the projects, time management, active collaboration over the different sites, and progression of the careers of young scientists.

Mentoring women in science

three-step teaching and mentoring concept, including project management, communication and presentation skills, and scientific writing classes. Furthermore, one-on-one coaching across a wide-range of career development aspects is provided to members of the µBone consortium.

Lab rotations

enable young scientists to visit the labs of collaborating partners and to learn novel techniques that they bring back to their home lab. It also serves to standardize animal and tumor model systems within the consortium. µBone will cover travel and accommodation for two lab rotations per project according to the Saxonian Travel Cost Law. For more information click here.

For more information, please contact Dr. Sylvia Thiele.

Clinician-scientist program

To encourage active participation of clinician scientists with clinical expertise to strengthen translational aspects and to validate key findings obtained from animal models in human cells and tissues we offer 6 Gerok positions within the consortia. Possible candidates must be within 5 years after completing their MD degree. They must be affiliated with one of the current µBone PI’s and the aim of their research grant must be in line with the µBone research aims. The funding includes Personnel costs for up to 12 months.

For more information, please contact Dr. Sylvia Thiele.

Equal opportunity measures

Flying Nanny Service

A nanny takes care of the children in case of child illness or unexpected work-related absence of the parents. Childcare at conferences, retreats or meeting sites allowing parents to participate in the event.

Bridge financing

is a funding tool to specifically support female researchers during pregnancy or after maternity leave or fathers after parental leave to re-integrate them into their research positions. This flexible funding scheme will allow them to complete projects and publications during and after pregnancy and to apply for own funding to embark on an independent scientific career.

For more information how to apply for funding, please contact Dr. Sylvia Thiele.