An opportunity to learn: Hands-on Histology skills beyond your current state

2019-10-29T13:11:10+00:00June 3rd 2019|

Our first workshop “Master Class Histopathology (prostate and breast cancer)” has been carried out by Prof. Sven Perner and his team at the Universitätsklinikum Schleswig-Holstein, Lübeck

Prof. Perner organized the first workshop aiming to increase the interest, knowledge and skills of the participants in histology and stimulate critical thinking. The course allowed young researchers to get together, which will facilitate future collaborations, as well as interact with the prestigious speakers. The scientific talks on histology widened the understanding of cancer biology and practical live microscopy opened up new vistas on. “It was interesting to see how scientist got insight into the diagnostic part of medical care and the resulting benefits for translation into basic research” finally concluded Anne Offermann, clinical scientist in the PernerLab.

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