2nd retreat in Dresden

2020-01-17T10:02:43+00:00February 26th 2020|

Last registration until January, 30th for a small number of seats. Registration is binding. Participation, accommodation and meals are free of charge.

I would like to attend the following activities

Wednesday, February, 26th 10am-5pm
You have an opportunity to attend activities of your choice. Since the number of participants for each workshop is limited, we suggest a selection of two prioritized ones.

Wednesday, February, 26th 5pm

Please organize it yourself and contact Anja when you need a room.

Wednesday, February, 26th 7pm

Thursday, February, 27th
Social framework / Networking programme

Friday, February, 28th
Expert tables (choose 4 out of 6 options!)

Meet the Professor / Meet the Expert:
During meals, you will have the possibility to talk to people of the consortium you ever wanted to discuss with, for example about recent advances, you may address unanswered questions from daily practice or discuss real-life experiences and challenges. You may list up to three names:

I would like to stay overnight:
We reserved a limited number of rooms at the Hyperion for you. Please make a reservation on your own. To do so, please contact the hotel and use the keyword “Microbone”:
Tel.: +49 341 / 9838 9137
Email: Reservation.Dresden@h-hotels.com

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